Seven days cleaning and regeneration

The Ayurvedic, Hawaiian colon cleansing is a process of physical detoxification and regeneration, attracting inevitably lead to a confrontation with our emotions. Body and soul are inseparably connected. The decision to have a gut renovation is always a rethink decision about one’s own life.

Major component of colon cleansing is a blend of herbs that are mixed with water and some fruit juice which is drunk. The mixture swells and expands as a gelatinous mass in the entire intestine and colon is so in every fold and depression. During the next 24 hours binds all this mass of residue protein products, gluten, toxins and other deposits that have settled firmly into the intestinal walls. The next day, the total mass like a second skin is excreted. What you see next is an exact “plaster cast” of the intestine. It is not about conventional excrement, but hard, crusty deposits intestine, which have accumulated in the intestine during the years and so affects its function over time more and more. This process is repeated several days until the intestine is completely cleaned. Although during this time nothing is eaten, one can feel no sensation of hunger, because the herbal mass fills the stomach without giving it a feeling of fullness. You can relax and watch as the bowel loses every day the old slag deposits, without the usual stress :a detoxification or fasting traetment. This method of colon cleansing is extremely gentle on the body.

The 7th Day belongs to the rebuilding and re-learning and training how to cook a meal.(seminars cooking school).