Gourmet Vital by Werner Langbauer
What is “Gourmet Vital ®”? Simple: Slim & Fit with great pleasure!

A delicious and varied diet based. To the long life and health teaching of the ancient world cultures, such as Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, TCM and local health teachings.

massageloungeT A N T R A – Tantra The Art of Touch in an oasis of wellness in Hamburg.
Massage Institute with original Tantric rituals for men and women-especially for couples. Authentic, sensual and intense body-breathing and energy work with tantric elements they bring to the most precious place in the world: BE YOURSELF!

Member of Tantra Massage Association!

Hamburg: +49 (0) 40-410 44 66

Dr. SabineDr. Sabine von Oesterreich
Sustainable personality and team development
Voices situation and basic stamping of individual personality, but also a team match runs, the existence, the life or work hassle and stress free.
Dr. von Oesterreich advises and directs towards sustainable personal and team development.

Andrea Sixt BuchAndrea Sixt
“7 Fuses for a life without cancer – A guide for a strong immune system” Fate take a chance, go your own way … these and similar topics is taking the novelist and screenwriter Andrea Sixt some mills. Here is her latest guide with an extensive interview with Jörg Krebber and a foreword by Prof. Hademar Hofer.

Among Andrea Sixt is also co-founder of “breast of Germany” and an ambassador of the “Society for Biological Cancer Defense”